Frequently Asked Questions

What's AgilePusher?

AgilePusher is providing real-time communication services so you can deploy it without any load on your server and get rid of traditional ajax calls.

AgilePusher saved my messages and user information?

No, we don't save your messages and users' information, we just send a notification to client as you got a new message or user joined the room, etc.

AgilePusher packages can be extendable?

Yes, you can extend the package at any time as per your requirements.

Agile has recurring payment model?

Yes, but you can cancel it anytime with not restriction.

Is there any contract for particular time span?

No, there is no such contract, you can cancel it anytime or even extend it as per your needs.

What does the concurrent users means?

It means that the number of users that can be connected to the our server simultaneously.

Can I downgrade my package as well?

Yes, there is no such restriction on it, you can upgrade or downgrade it as per your requirements.

Where I can use it?

You can use it for live chat, delivery system, games, and any other platform where you need real-time communications.

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